Women for Women- the compassion fashion project

January 30, 2011 § 6 Comments


This week something pretty exciting happened. To cut long story short, I know Meredith, the founder of The Compassion Fashion Project through IFB where she asked if I will be interested to donate my artwork to her cause of providing aid to women at DV shelters (Click on the link above to visit their blog).

Now, domestic violence is something I honestly never gave much thought to it before and I believe it is great that someone is reaching out to women and their children who are trying to get back on their lives. So I gladly did three shoe designs with the DV theme in mind and donated one of my favorite shoe designs, Carrie, to her charity organization.


When I was sketching Embrace, my thoughts went to women who have experienced an unpleasant past at home but now they are finding the strength to move forward. Past is something that no one can erase. However, we can all learn from it and move on in the hope of a better tomorrow. That is why I drew the spikes at the back of the heels to represent a painful past and nude leather to represent a present clean slate.
I know a perfect song for these boots by Nancy Sinatra. The chorus goes like this…. ” These boots are made for walking, that’s just what they’ll do and one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you…”

New Bloom

New bloom obviously represents new life and new start. The black patches represents wilted flowers of the past but right now, “Ladies, experience your new life afresh.”

Breaking Free

Breaking free has a broken chain detail which represents letting go of the past and hooray for women who have the courage to walk away from a wrong situation.

I’m not sure about you, but it sure feels good for me to be able to do something for charity. My first attempt at charity work was registering donations to the Ronald McDonald House of Galveston as the only item on my wedding registry and I was happy some of my guests donated. Needless say, this project with Compassion Fashion made my day extraordinarily fulfilling when it was completed. Meredith and her partner, Elizabeth are so efficient. I’m truly amazed at how quickly they put everything up.

If you are reading this, do visit their store via the link below and show your love to women out there who need your support. I have ordered my grocery bag with “Carrie from the city” on it. Can’t wait to receive it.

We can all spread the love by doing what we do best; spreading the word & shopping for a cause! 😉

100% of the net proceeds from each sale goes to charity of the DV shelters sponsored by their project.

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